With roots in the future of Cafayate


El Porvenir, our family icon

Inspired by the future generations who will in time take our place, we conceived this wine. This family Icon wine, expresses in a very pure and noble way our goal to bring Cafayate to a higher place.



Laborum is the varietal expression of Cafayate

Laborum, meaning from our work, is the reflection of our labor, our care of the vineyards, and the integration in the winery which results in genuine wines that express Cafayate”s terroir.



Amauta, the wisdom to fully understand what nature provides

The Amauta, in the original cultures of Cafayate, was the great teacher, the wise man. Respected for his knowledge of human subjects, of nature, and of the universe, it was he who taught to live.



El Porvenir Experience

Our winery visit is designed so that the visitor can get a more detailed look at the winery and the fine winemaking process. During the visit you will also be able to tour our vineyards, discover the work we do in them all year long, get to know the terroir of the region, and learn about the different grapes we have planted.




Cafayate is a small, isolated valley with very special characteristics—its desert climate and poor soils benefit the production of high quality grapes, making it easy to practice integrated, sustainable and organic viticulture.


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