Lucía Romero Marcuzzi

Born in Salta, Lucía spent her first summers in her grandfather’s winery in Tolombón, a few kilometers from Cafayate, and little by little she discovered the world of wine.

Upon finishing university in Buenos Aires at 22 years old, she began working in the winery, first collaborating in the development of the image of the winery and its products. She later took charge of Exports and in 2006 the winery began to export its wines to different countries.

In 2012 she did her postgraduate work in the Bordeaux Business School (BEM)—working toward her “Wine MBA” with the goal of attaining a more global business vision and learning more about how other wineries around the world are run. Since then she has been in charge of the winery in her new role as Director, with the goal of continuing to sell its wines in Argentina and the rest of the world.


Francisco ‘Paco’ Puga

Paco Puga was born in San Juan Province, where he obtain a degree in Oenology and Agronomy. In 1998 he travel to France to have his first experience working in Burgundy.  For the past 15 years he has deepen his knowlegde in winemaking while working in Salta. He started as winemaker in Bodega El Esteco from the Peñaflor Group, and more recently he has worked for  Hess Family Latin America, first as assistant winemaker in Colomé  and later as head winemaker in Amalaya. He has join our team in October of 2016, working as our winemaker with the support of our consulting winemaker, Paul Hobbs.


Agronomic Engineer

Santiago Bugallo

Santiago, a true mountain man in spirit, spent his infancy in Barreal, a town at the foot of the Andes mountains, to the southwest of San Juan. At 18 years old he graduated from an agro-technical school and went to study Agronomic Engineering in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.

His passion for the vineyards was born in Mendoza, where he worked his first harvests. He then traveled to Napa Valley, California, to broaden his knowledge working in the Paul Hobbs Winery.

“In Cafayate I have been able to bring together the two great passions of my life, the vineyards and the mountains. This valley with its rocky soils, its wide day-night temperature variation and its altitude is the ideal birthplace of great wines.”

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